Falkland Islands madness

Falkland Islands madness

“At the heart of the Obama administration’s approach is its abject failure to distinguish between America’s most important ally and an increasingly anti-American regime in Latin America, which is closely allied with Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. There is a fundamental difference between Great Britain, which has fought alongside the United States in almost every major war involving the US since World War Two, and Argentina, a minor player on the world stage, that barely lifts a finger to help the Americans with anything.”

So Nile Gardiner is criticising the US for not being unfairly biased towards the UK. It seems in his view the US should fight diplomatic fire with fire in its approach with Latin America. This would surely give more credibility to the anti-Americanism in the region. He also criticises the approach of the State Department, which says

“We believe that this is a bilateral issue that needs to be worked out directly between Argentina and the United Kingdom. That’s what we are encouraging both sides to do as we head towards this anniversary… we are encouraging Argentina and the UK to work this out peacefully, to work it out through negotiations.”

as apparently “there is nothing at all to negotiate”. Hmm.

*edited 15/04/2012 and then 02/07/2012 for publish on wordpress*


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