A few points from Thursday’s Question Time

  • Julie Meyer was possibly THE WORST panellist ever. The few points she made beyond relating every question to entrepreneurs and ‘digital’ advancements were often ridiculous: her solution to mass youth unemployment is for large companies to hire more young people to inform about the ‘digital’ world in focus groups. Whether there are enough of these roles for anywhere near the one million-odd number of young people out of work she didn’t say…
  • It’s easier to like someone you disagree with when they are honest. Ken Clarke, although regarded as a liberal Tory, aired views this blog doesn’t share. However, it was refreshing to hear some of his answers last night. When asked about things like unemployment, he essentially reiterated cutting the deficit was the most important priority. A heartless man, some may say. But this is basically the same idea that anyone who believes in cutting the deficit first-and-foremost thinks but is too afraid to express, and it was good to hear Clarke be fairly open about it (whether you agree or not) as opposed to some other politicians.
  • John Prescott and Ken Clarke, are like, as one person on Twitter put it, long-lost brothers. The two dinosaurs of the political arena made great TV with their banter and occasional camaraderie.
  •  Owen Jones was very impressive, giving strong, fact-based answers.
  • There was some liberal annoyance at the ring-wing bias of the panel when it featured the head of the CBI, a TaxPayers alliance spokeswoman and a Tory MP. This week, it was the other way round, with a Lib Dem, a Labour peer, a socialist, and then a businesswoman who didn’t seem to know much and the supposedly most liberal senior Tory. Clearly the political composition of the programme will vary – it’s best not to read too much into one particular week’s panel.

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