Brit Awards 2012

The Brit Awards are tomorrow, so here are this blog’s predictions (to be taken with a very large pinch of salt) with a note of who ‘should’ win. These are two very different things. To make it easier for myself, I’ve written who should win out of the list of nominees as opposed to anyone not on the list, and I’ve left out British Producer (whilst stressing this is not because the award is any less valuable). It’s also worth taking a look at NME’s predictions.

British Male Solo Artist

probably should win: Ed Sheeran. He’s had far more success than any of the other nominees this year, uniting pretty much every group of contemporary music lover apart from the hipsters.

probably will win: Ed Sheeran, for the reasons above and because he’s slap bang in the middle of the ‘mainstream’ at the moment.

British Female Solo Artist

probably should win: Adele. Even though hearing her music is now more than a bit tedious after a whole year of it being played everywhere, her incredible rise in 2011 dwarfs the other nominees’ achievements.

probably will win: Adele. Obviously.

British Breakthrough Act

probably should win: This one’s a tough one. It’s probably too early for Emeli Sandé, and Anna Calvi and The Vaccines just haven’t ‘broken through’ as much as the two remaining nominees. Jessie J, with six top 20 hits in a short space of time, deserves this one. And although she fits into the same genre as some of the meaningless club-R’n’B/X-factor stuff she rises above it because she really is an unorthodox performer who gives the impression of putting something personal into her songs.

Prediction:  Jessie J. Because she has ‘broken through’ (commercially) the most

British Group

probably should win: Chase & Status. None of the other nominees’ albums were as amazing or really outdo their previous work. The songs from Chase & Status’s album No More Idols have dominated the iTunes electronic charts all year and the group have in a way shaped an emerging sub-genre.

Prediction: Coldplay, because they are the band everyone thinks are quite good, with a new chart-friendly album.

British Single

probably should win: Of the ones on the list that are even worth talking about as meaningful and out-of-the-ordinary songs, it’s hard to insult “Wherever You Are” because it’s for charity and genuine, but musically it wasn’t amazing. “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” wasn’t (in my opinion) even the best song on Example’s new album. “Price Tag” was a valiant effort at criticising materialistic culture (see point above about Jessie J) but not amazing musically. “Someone Like You”, back before it was played THE WHOLE TIME, was a decent song, but “The A Team” should win it. Like the Adele song, it’s hard to appreciate now it first sounded now, but having a commercially successful acoustic song about a drug-addicted prostitute means Sheeran deserves to win.

probably will win: Adele. Obviously.

MasterCard British Album of the Year

probably should win: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake. The winning Mercury album is far superior to the others’ albums due to its lyrical themes and musical innovation (it oozes nostalgia yet is unique in how it sounds).

probably will win: Adele. Obviously.

InternationalMale Solo Artist

probably should win: This one’s a tough. Aloe Blacc has done little aside from produce one good song; Bon Iver and Ryan Adams are too ‘niche’; whilst Bruno Mars and David Guetta make incredibly generic music. Probably Aloe Blacc, for being the best in a not-very-good list.

probably will win: Bruno Mars. More popular in the UK than even Guetta.

International Female Solo Artist

probably should win: Beyoncé, for some decent songs, an amazing performance at Glastonbury and her transformation into a global superstar, partly courtesy of Blue Ivy.

probably will win: Rihanna, for getting however many chart hits.

International Group

probably should win: Jay Z/Kanye West for making a whole album of exquisite rapping over some gorgeousness electronic sounds.

probably will win: Jay Z/Kanye West, for being head and shoulders above the rest.

International Breakthrough Act

probably should win: Although Nicki Minaj has been very successful, Foster The People, for one of the most catchy songs of the year and a good album. This is surely far too early for Lana Del Rey.

probably will win: Nicki Minaj, for most certainly ‘breaking through’.


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