Global Rich List

Global Rich List
This link is interesting to play around with. The clichés about taking things for granted and being lucky to be born in the West are well-worn, but are very true, and this website provides a factual basis for such expressions. As for the meaning behind it, the page says in the why section:“We are obsessed with wealth. But we gauge how rich we are by looking upwards at those who have more than us. This makes us feel poor. We wanted to do something which would help people understand, in real terms, where they stand globally. And make us realise that in fact most of us (who are able to view this web page) are in the privileged minority. We want people to feel rich. And give some of their extra money to a worthwhile charity.”This is an age where in the West economies are doing badly and there are fears young people will be worse off than the generation above. Tensions between the rich and the 99%, and between the bottom of society and the rest, seem to be rising. Bear this link in mind when considering all of this.
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