Heaven – Emeli Sandé

Heaven – Emeli Sandé

“The song was written after a very long conversation I had with [producer] Naughty Boy. We got into a very deep conversation about religion and how to be good – what we all try to do in this day and age and how difficult it is. He said, ‘I guess you just have to keep your heart clean’ and that sparked the whole song. It was done really quickly and we knew it was a special one as soon as it was done.” This is how Emeli Sandé describes Heaven, certainly one of those songs which rises above the monthly turnover of new music. The metaphysical theme of the song extends from the lyrics to how the whole thing sounds. As an observer writer said ”It could be about identity, or disappointment, or impatience, but the mystery is righteous.”
*edited 15/04/2012 for publish on wordpress*

*edited 19/07/2012 to make more readable*


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