footballers and the NHS reforms

Extrapolating the views of a few celebrities to represent the views of a nation is a dangerous pursuit: the liberalism of Hollywood is not played out over the whole of the USA, for example. However, this is exactly what I am going to do here. Therefore you are free to disregard this semi-anecdotal evidence as unreliable, and might be sensible to do so. However, anecdotal evidence can be useful to personalise an existing trend. In this sense, I will justify this post. The existing trend is that of public opinion having turned against the NHS reforms . 

Recently, Stan Collymore and Rio Ferdinand have tweeted their opposition to the NHS reforms. Clarke Carlisle appeared on Question Time a few weeks ago and also voiced his opposition to the reforms (incidentally, on the weekend, James Corden told followers to listen to Robert Winston, an opponent of the bill, on the issue).

This post is not an attack on the Health Bill, but an observation that it seems as if the reforms have been successfully portrayed as detrimental to the NHS to many people, or at least that is how these people have interpreted it. As someone who follows politics yet struggles to fully understand the Bill, let alone have a passionate opinion on it, this is bizarre to me.


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