political party funding scandals – we’ve been here before

Politics sometimes feels circular in nature.

April 2008, a piece in the Telegraph on ‘cash for peerages’:

While it now appears no-one will be charged, it is clear that party political fund-raising will never be the same again. With public trust in politicians in freefall, both Labour and the Conservatives have scrambled to declare their eagerness to clean up politics, to be transparent and open.

Attempts to nail down the details of a consensus have proved tricky. But the outlines of the new order are emerging, including much stricter limits on how much parties spend during election campaigns and greater state funding.

A few years later, this hit the news. Like the current ‘cash for access’ story, it raises questions about improper influence in government. David Cameron’s reaction at the time makes good Private Eye material in light of recent events:

“The fact is the last government ended with scandals like this and the current government is ending with scandals that are, frankly, worse.”



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