Alternative Olympics medal table… again

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final version of alternative Olympics medal table here

Here’s the third update of my alternative medal table – the first two are here and here. They explain what it is in more detail, but basically it is different to the ‘real’ table, which just ranks countries on number of gold medals (then silver then bronze) because it gives equal weighting to every sport in the Olympics. This means a nation winning half the gold medals in a sport with lots of events, like swimming, gives the same number of points as winning half the golds in a sport with fewer medals, like Archery. There are ten points available for each sport.

The alternative table is actually not too dissimilar to the real one, with the same nations in the top ten below apart from Switzerland instead of Hungary. This is because Switzerland’s three golds have come in sports with fewer events – equestrian and the triathlon – than those in which Hungary won their six golds. China are first because they have (so far) been successful in such a wide range of sports. Great Britain are in second, ahead of the USA (thanks cyclists and Alistair Brownlee)! Comparing this to the last table I published, you can see the top three all won lots of points in the last two days, especially Great Britain, pulling away from Korea in fourth. It was also a good few days for Russia who jumped into fifth (as in the real table).

real Olympic medal table

rank nation total (golds)
1 China 36
2 USA 34
3 Great Britain 22
4 Korea 12
5 Russia 11
6 France 8
7 Germany 7
8 Italy 7
9 Hungary 6
10 Kazakhstan 6

alternative Olympic medal table

rank nation total (points)
1 China 44.71
2 Great Britain 27.50
3 USA 24.84
4 Korea 14.20
5 Russia 10.86
6 Italy 9.33
7 Switzerland 8.33
8 France 7.61
9 Germany 6.81
10 Kazakhstan 5.38

title edited 15/08/2012

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